Tired of the same old SuperComputing party where you get free food and booze by pretending you’re interested in some vendor products? We thought so. That’s why we’re offering free food, booze, and a pool tournament. We still have great vendors supporting this community event, so be nice and listen to what they have to say.

This year, we convinced the Wynkoop Brewing Company to open up their doors to a group of world-class HPC mavens and the rest of us who want free food and beer. The top floor is a game room where the Spherical Newtonian Solids will be racked up for the pool tournament. There will also be a band and places for quiet conversation where you can debate the merits of big data quantum computing in the cloud and/or Miley Cyrus.

And we will have those irresistible Beowulf Bash goodie bags, because deep down inside you really want cheesy free stuff. Admit it.

Date: Monday, November 18, 2013
Time: 9PM-12AM
Location: Wynkoop Brewing Company, 1634 18th Street

Recent changes in Colorado laws have given the organizers an opportunity to offer something that is still illegal in other parts of the United States. We labored long and hard over this decision, consulting with our law firm of Chong and Marin. Yes, BeoBash Fans, we are going to offer a totally natural substance that was once outlawed in all 50 states. No need to worry about binging your own stash, because we have procured our very own custom-brewed beer. Were you thinking of something else? We also will have plenty of munchies for your free dining pleasure.

Take the local 16th Street free mall shuttle west and get off on Wynkoop. Head north (right) two blocks to 18th and we’re on the corner.

Back in 2007 at SC in Reno, we held a hugely popular pool tournament in some seedy pool hall not close to anything. The event was great fun, and the winner got a clean towel to sit on. We decided to up our game this year and hold another pool tournament* with real prizes because we gave towels out to everyone last year.

There will be two brackets, one for experienced pool players and one for newbies. And, for those hot shots who think they can sign up for the newbie bracket and walk all over the novice pool players, well, just don’t do that. Teams are allowed in the beginners bracket. Each bracket will offer a first- and second-place prize.

Experienced Bracket (9-ball):
Nexus 7 Tablet, courtesy Microway
Beginner Bracket (8-ball):
NVIDIA Shield Game Console

* For those who have difficulty with the whole ball and stick physics exercise, there will also be darts and skee-ball. You won’t get a prize, but if you try real hard, you’ll get the impression you are good at something.