SMart Marketing for HPC

Who is Xand Marketing?

Xand Marketing Drives Marketing Results in HPC and Technical Computing

Our agency creates successful go-to-market strategies and marketing plans that drive revenue and grow business. We combine innovative approaches with tried-and-true methods, and provide flawless execution of deliverables.

Our holistic approach to marketing ensures that your messaging aligns with your strengths, and your marketing activities build upon each other. Integrating marketing messages, strategies, and tactics across all activities ensures that you get the most out of your resources while achieving measurable results.

Xand Marketing can take the most technical messaging and turn it into business value, customer-focused messaging. We are known for our extensive industry contacts and our ability to connect our clients to potential marketing and technical partners.

Our principal has been in HPC for almost 20 years and provides a combination of corporate and startup experience, thus blending the full spectrum of understanding: Where you are, where you want to go, and most importantly, how to get there!













 We Speak Geek!

Xand Marketing specializes in high-performance and technical computing. We are proud to say that we can talk to any technical person on even the most complex issue, find the business value in what they are doing, and communicate that to their customers. We help you understand your unique and differentiated value, which translates into engaging prospects and driving revenue.

What’s an Xand?

XAND is a geeky oxymoron that results from applying common-sense logic to the logic term XOR. An XOR is an exclusive OR, a logical operation that outputs true only when both inputs differ (one is true, the other is false). There is no such thing as an XAND, or inclusive AND, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was? XAND in logical terms is always true because there is no exclusivity in an AND statement.

If you’re a techie or a math nerd, then you get the joke without having to read the explanation. If you’re not, then you’re probably scratching your head even after reading it, but hey, don’t all the cool names start with an X or a Z?

So the takeaway is that Xand is always inclusive and always true. And our clients serve the techies who get the joke.